Things HVAC Companies Don’t Tell You

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Not all HVAC units are the same. You need to know which unit is best for your home and how to service it properly whenever it has an issue. However, not every HVAC business is going to give you the right information or service. We put together a list of some important points your HVAC company might not be telling you about.

Be Aware of the Size of Your HVAC Unit – Be sure that you have an appropriately sized unit for the size of your home. If the unit is too small, it won’t appropriately heat and cool your home. But, if the unit is too large, it will use more energy than necessary and need more repairs, ultimately costing you more. Your HVAC company needs to measure the rooms in your home in order to figure out which unit will work best for your living space.

You Don’t Need to “Recharge” Your HVAC Unit – A technician telling you that your refrigerant needs recharged is a technician you should be wary of. It’s more likely that refrigerant is leaking, and the technician needs to repair the leak and refill the refrigerant. To ensure proper refrigerant levels, both the refrigerant and the tank it’s going in should always be weighed before and after it’s dispensed into the unit. Take careful note of how much refrigerant was put in.

Always Get a Second Opinion on a Repair or Replacement (if Not a Third Opinion, Too) – As mentioned above, just because your HVAC technician says that something is wrong with your unit, that doesn’t mean that it’s automatically true. At the very least, before you pay for a repair, get a second opinion from another technician to see if the two assessments match up. If not, you might have figured out the actual issue—a shady technician—which might save you an expensive and unnecessary repair.

Free HVAC Services Usually Aren’t Worth Your Time – If you see TV, newspaper, or online ads with claims for free HVAC services, take a step back and do some research on those companies. Speak with any family or friends who might have used these companies previously, and read online reviews as well. Reputable HVAC companies will have sites providing you with a quote, a way to compare quotes from other companies, and competitive pricing details. Once you have all the information you need in hand, you can pick the company that will actually meet your needs and provide quality service.

Get Receipts – Have your HVAC technician write down or give you a receipt detailing the prices and procedures done for any repairs or maintenance performed on your unit.

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