The People That Service & Install Your HVAC Equipment

Comfort Xpress – Meet our employees in Delaware, Ohio.

Just imagine… spending Christmas eve installing a furnace to provide heat for a family … digging a way out of your driveway at midnight, after a major snowfall on a bitterly cold winter night, to respond to an emergency call to restore heat in someone’s home. Think about how cold your hands would be working outside in the middle of January to restore heat pump operations. Think about the heat in an attic during the middle of July where HVAC installers are working to place duct work to provide air conditioning in a home… working on A/C electrical components outside on a beautiful summer day when a surprise thunderstorm strikes. Did you know in the summer months, the clothes of HVAC technicians can be so wet from perspiration that by the end of the day one could think they went swimming in their work clothes?

HVAC personnel deals with these type of situations on a daily basis throughout the year. It takes dedicated employees, putting the customer’s needs first, to provide residential and commercial heating and cooling services.

Since we strive to ensure our customers the best services possible, Comfort Xpress takes pride in our personnel and their dedication to the profession and to our customers. Stop by and visit us at 3527 State Route 37 West, Delaware, Ohio or give us a call at 740-363-6700. Our Ohio office has serviced the needs of homeowners and businesses in Delaware,  Union,  Marion, and parts of Franklin County since 1989.