The Comfort Xpress Service Program

Comfort Xpress Service Program


Here at Comfort Xpress, we know that HVAC is an investment for our customers. Heating and cooling units last anywhere from 10 – 20 years, so you want to make sure you are getting the best service possible during the life of the unit. A yearly maintenance program from Comfort Xpress can help you do just that. Many consumers might wonder what this program is and if it is worth it. Maintenance programs provide both general upkeep and preventative maintenance at a set price to the customer. Here at Comfort Xpress, we offer all this and more with our Maintenance Club Membership. Here are the top five reasons to purchase a plan from Comfort Xpress:

Regular Upkeep:

One of the most important ways to extend the life of a heating or cooling system is regular inspection and cleaning. We will run a 25-35-point inspection and cleaning to keep your equipment running in top shape and to extend the overall life of your system. Cleaning your equipment regularly can also help you save money, as it lowers energy and operating costs.

Two Inspections a year:

The Maintenance Club Membership plan from Comfort Xpress offers two inspections a year, one for heating and one for cooling. This allows us to make sure your system is running in top shape year-round when you need it most.

Guaranteed Fast Response Time:

We understand that when heating or cooling isn’t working, your top priority is getting it fixed. This is our top priority too. With this plan from Comfort Xpress, we offer response time within one business day.


With the Comfort Xpress Maintenance Club Membership, you will get a 10% discount on all repair parts and labor!

Peace of Mind:

Heating and Cooling is an essential part of your home, especially with the wild temperature swings here in Central Ohio. Beyond offering benefits to you, the Comfort Xpress maintenance plan also offers peace of mind. With regular maintenance visits, inspections, discounts, and a fast response time, you can be sure that your system will stay in tip-top shape now, and for years to come!