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Furnace Inspection $69.00
25 Point (Plus) Inspection - Test safety Control Operations-Control Sequences-Test Ranges, Test & Inspect Unit Safety Switches, Inspect Cabinet-Cabinet Fasteners-Panels-Insulation, Check Equipment Grounding, Measure Line Voltage, Measure Rated AMP Draw - Volts to Blower Motor, Blower Motor AMPS, Test Inducer Fan Motor, Inspect All Stand Alone Capacitors, Test Capacitor #1, Test Condensate Pump, Check Burners, Check Main Burner Ignition, Inspect Burner & Flue for Water-Corrosion-Blockages, Inspect Heat Exchanger for Corrosion-Structural Isssues-Erratic Flame, Measure TD Across Heat Exchanger both Supply Air and Return Air, Inspect Temperature Rise Across Heat Exchanger, Inspect Vent Exhaust, Inspect & Clean Accessible Inlet & Exhaust Vent Pipe, Inspect for Combustible Materials Near Venting or Pipe, Inspect Visible Fuel Connections, Inspect & Test Humidifier, Inspect & Test EAC, Test Thermostat Operation, Check Air Filter, Inspect Filter Housing & AIr Seal, Check Ductwork Seals, Cycle System from Thermostat.
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