Comfort Xpress Financing

Every homeowner knows that having effective and efficient heating and cooling system is one of the most important “must-haves” in their home.  Whether it is the cold winters of Ohio or the scorching summers in Oklahoma – and “yes” we realize Ohio has hot summers and Oklahoma has cold winters, too.  Regardless of where you and your family lives, effective heating and cooling systems are essential.


At Comfort Xpress, we also realize that replacing or upgrading your home’s heating and cooling systems can cost more than the homeowner may be able to pay for with a single payment.  We are pleased to provide the homeowner with a possible solution.  We have partnered with FTL Finance who may be able to help you with financing the heating and cooling solution that’s right for your home.


Simply hit the FTL Finance button and you will be taken to the finance application page where information is available and an application can be completed.

Federal Tax Credit

A significant federal tax credit may be available for alternative energy and high-efficiency home improvements, including geothermal systems. The tax credit could potentially cover the cost of the equipment plus installation. In some cases, there may not necessarily be a dollar limit on almost all renewable and alternative energy systems  (but it’s not refundable if the credit is larger than any taxes you may owe—i.e., you won’t get a check for the difference.) You can read more about the residential energy tax credits for this year here.


Act fast, though. There are cutoff dates and deadlines that may be applicable.. Click here to learn more about IRS Form 5695 to claim your Residential Energy Credit.