2017 Chamber President’s Award Winner

president award

Lenard Mathews receives Chamber President’s Award

January 30, 2018 – The Seminole, Oklahoma, Chamber of Commerce awarded Lenard Mathews the 2017 President’s Award at their banquet Tuesday night. A Chamber President’s award is presented to an individual or group that has made a positive contribution to the Chamber, the community and area businesses. Receiving this award is a meaningful and respected privilege.

Lenard Mathews was raised in the Delaware, Ohio area, attended Buckeye Valley, and graduated from Hayes High School in Delaware, Ohio. Lenard worked in the HVAC industry, later starting his own heating and cooling business, Comfort Xpress, in Delaware, Ohio in 1989. In 2005, Lenard expanded the business into Oklahoma in partnership with his brother, Timothy Mathews.

An old-timer in the industry once shared, “If you have a heating and cooling system designed by Lenard Mathews, you have GOLD.” This is because of Lenard’s technical knowledge, devotion to his trade and customer satisfaction. That being said, there is a lot of “GOLD” in Delaware County and the surrounding counties in Ohio as well as Seminole County and the surrounding counties in Oklahoma. Mathews has said, “Our customers should expect to get our knowledge and expertise as part of the complete package.” This statement from Mathews is proudly posted on our business website, social pages, and company literature.

Thanks to the Seminole Chamber for recognizing Mr. Mathews’ contribution to the community.